marchadors of montana


I was first introduced to the Mangalarga Marchador horse by Dr. Tresa Smith in 2001 when we traveled together to choose horses she would bring home to the United States. I have been professionally involved with horses for about 35 years and I've seen some nice ones in that time. In Brazil I was impressed by the consistently kind, intelligent, calm disposition of the Marchadors and by their quiet beauty.

After riding many, many, perhaps hundreds of horses in the two weeks we spent in Brazil, Tresa picked three lovely mares with royal lineage. She ultimately brought a wonderful Stallion to the United States as well to complete her breeding program.

My first Marchador, Chico Barque, is the gelding pictured on this page. He was 6 months old when he came home to our place, Haras Vista de Serra. When we named our breeding facility, we decided to honor Brazil by giving it a Portuguese name. This name means View of the Mountains and is completely appropriate!

Now we have 10 Marchador horses, including our herd stallion Frevo who was imported from Brazil 15 years ago. He is a lovely batida gaited bay stallion with a kind disposition. He came to us this winter along with Ibiza, a beautiful bay mare, also imported from Brazil. We are looking orward to a foal from them in 2016.

Vedete, my awesome grey mare, is another Brazilian import who we intend to breed to Frevo this spring. I have three more first generation Marchadors I obtained from Tresa: Bethanya, a bay mare who is expecting a foal by Azul de Vista Serra, my blue roan stallion who was tragically killed in an accident this winter; Nazere, another bay who is now grey, and Xama the full sister to Chico, a buckskin who will be grey. Bethany, a blue roan who is turning grey who is the daughter of Chico and Bethanya, is one of my favorite horses to ride: Smooth batida, sweet natured, and pretty.

This winter I bought Anna Lisa, a beautiful black mare. She will be bred to Frevo this spring for a 2016 foal. Our old palomino mare, Folha is retired and helps keep the herd in order. She was among the first Marchadors registered in the USMMA and has the registration number 000004. She is a delight to ride, very smooth and sure footed.